School Group Ski Hire - Jindabyne, Snowy Mountains

School group ski hire has never been easier than when your group is serviced by the highly-trained staff at Snowy Mountains Skis.

Specialising in personal service for your school group's next visit to the snow, Gary and his team will take care of every requirement. If you have 20 or more people, we can offer the best group rates in the Snowy Mountains.

Some of the benefits of hiring from 'The Shed' are:

  • The best School Group ski hire rates in the mountains
  • Fast and efficient fit-out with skis, snowboards & clothing
  • Special needs catered for
  • Ample parking space for coaches right at the door
 For the best group ski hire prices in the mountains, just click here to fill our our School Group Ski Hire Enquiry Form.


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